The Montessori Classroom

Child Education Programs Calabasas, CA

Montessori of Malibu Canyon offers children's education programs in Calabasas, CA. Our programs are designed to assist with the development of every child through education, emotional and social development. If you would like to learn more about any of the programs offered at Montessori of Malibu Canyon in Calabasas, CA feel free to contact us today. 

The Montessori Classroom

Practical Life

This includes activities of everyday living that are performed in this area to lay the foundation for life skills a child needs to develop his or her independence. Your child learns to take care of himself and his environment. Among the many activities a child may practice are:

• Pouring - Dry & Liquid
• Sweeping a Floor
• Practicing Cutting

These sequential and well-prepared activities help children develop order, concentration, control of movement, and independence needed to work in the sensorial, math, and language areas.


The sensorial materials allow the child to go from the concrete to the abstract. They can use concrete objects to begin to internalize abstract concepts and sense perceptions. For example, the red knob-less cylinder can be graded by diameter - wide, wider, widest and narrow, narrower and narrowest. In the sensorial area the child will get to use his senses - tactile, auditory, visual, olfactory, and gustatory.


This area allows the child to specifically work on communication skills. It helps the child to learn how to put words to his ideas and feelings. In the language area, the child works on encoding and decoding. Montessori's approach to language is that writing should precede reading. The sequence of the language area is oral language, writing and reading. The language area offers the child a well-planned sequence of activities to learn two important life skills - writing and reading. Two important ingredients of the sequence are the sandpaper letters and movable alphabet. We have an extensive language program with a plethora of language arts didactics, library and learning/teaching games to facilitate language/writing and reading skill development. We offer daily lessons in a language of the parents' choosing in the following languages:

• Mandarin • Farsi • French • Spanish


Our math program enables the child to explore mathematical concepts in a concrete to abstract, simple to complex manner. The math area begins with quantities and symbols for 0 to 10. Materials such as red and blue rod and sandpaper numerals are used for quantities and symbols. After a firm foundation is established the math area goes in three directions-decimal system, linear counting and number operations. A child can be working in 2 or 3 areas at the same time. Our goal at MoMC is to introduce math in a fun and practical way to lay the foundation of a strong and healthy relationship with mathematics that will foster success throughout a child's academic life and beyond. In addition to an extensive range of Montessori mathematics didactics "work," we have an array of math materials, manipulatives, and games to facilitate the learning process.

Exploration Of Chemistry

We have a dedicated area where we inspire exploration of chemistry and science subjects. Children will learn how the world around them works. Nothing makes you swell with pride more than when a little one says their favorite subject is snakes or chemistry.