Child Development Programs

Our Children Development Programs in Calabasas, CA, Help Students Grow

Children who are given a solid early learning foundation in the educational basics of reading, writing, and arithmetic, do well in school. It’s a fact. But there are other vital areas that our children’s development programs in Calabasas, CA, focus on to help our students blossom into complete learners and people. We help children learn the principles of assurance so they build self-confidence.

At Montessori of Malibu Canyon, we take our role in teaching students to succeed in school and life very seriously. At our child development center, we help students grow by focusing on learning social skills and being self-assured in a variety of settings. We also work on building independence so that children can discover where they fit into society. Thanks to our individualization and educational philosophies, our staff members deliver a well-rounded curriculum and activities that extend far beyond typical preschool services.

This center is more than a child daycare. It is a warm and welcoming place where your young ones are instilled with the skills to teach themselves new things and carefully examine the information they learn.

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