Child Development Programs

Confidence-Building Child Development Programs in Calabasas, CA

Education officials agree that children do better in school if they have a solid foundation in early learning. While the traditional subjects of reading, writing, and arithmetic are still essential, they are not the only areas where a child needs to excel. Professionals say that children also need to learn the principles of assurance. Help your son or daughter build their self-confidence with our child development programs in Calabasas, CA.

Montessori of Malibu Canyon takes seriously teaching students how to succeed in school and life. Among the various programs we offer at our child development center, we introduce young people to the importance of learning social skills. We help girls and boys know how to speak and move to feel self-confident in various settings. Because we think that children should find where they fit into society, we also work with students on independence-building.

Our center is more than a traditional child day care center for your little ones. We instill in boys and girls the importance of teaching themselves new things and carefully examining the information that they learn.

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