Parent & Me

About Our Parent and Me Program in Calabasas, CA

Our Parent and Me program in Calabasas, CA, is designed as a fun introduction to the Montessori of Malibu Canyon school setting. In this enriching introductory program, you and your child will become more familiar with the Montessori Method. The program is intended for waddlers (12 to 18 months) and toddlers (18 to 24 months) accompanied by a parent or care provider. Children in this program will participate in eight-week sessions that include:

• Circle Time
• Montessori "Work"
• Music
• Outdoor Play
• Story Time

Toddler Program that Sparks Your Child’s Curiosity

Our approach to education centers on fostering children’s natural curiosity and love for learning through discovery-based activities. We maintain a safe, supportive atmosphere where children develop their social skills and creativity. The Parent and Me program engages the children with age-appropriate activities. One of our goals is to reinforce the children’s sense of security in our classroom, so they can confidently and productively participate in school activities. The more comfortable your child is in our welcome, nurturing setting, the more your child will take away from the experience. These activities use proven methods to support each child’s educational, emotional, and social development.

We believe that even the youngest children are ready to learn, so our program is more than just child care. The classroom activities will help to develop your child’s sense of order, concentration, independence, and control of movement, all in a fun, encouraging, stress-free way. Play is crucial in early childhood development, and we encourage children to enjoy themselves and be creative in ways that support constructive, healthy social interactions. By the end of the program, you and your child should be ready for what’s next in our preschool program.

The Opportunity of Early Learning

While we encourage participation in Parent and Me, enrollment is not a pre-requisite for admission in the preschool program. The benefit of Parent and Me is to introduce your child to the classroom and to start to develop the spirit of exploration, creativity, and constructive self-expression that our preschool program will further advance.

The activities are a valuable opportunity for you to bond with your child while helping your child take the first steps toward socialization and learning. Reach out to us if you have questions or concerns about this program--our mission is to provide children with the highest standard of education and care.

Contact us for more information and to apply for our program. We are located on Las Virgenes Road/Malibu Canyon in West Calabasas, California.